Que tal gente (What’s up people)

About Us
Habaneros are a new business, looking to provide ethical, healthy, fresh and quality Mexican street
food to the people of Birmingham. We’ve been hitting various food shows / festivals and street food
events round the Midlands for the last year wrapping & rolling the finest burritos for la gente (the people)!

All of our food is prepared from fresh ingredients (no nasty preservatives or additives), ethically
sourced (where possible local produce) and cooked fresh every day. Our meats are supplied from a local farm (19gales) who only use free range meats, which delivers the best natural
flavours for your food.

All of our sauces are homemade using chilli’s that have been imported from Mexico, but then
combined with local produce to deliver our great flavours. There available for purchase so you can add the great flavours to your dishes at home.

Please see our Salsa link here for more info.

There’s the special Habanero Hot Sauce, just a drizzle adds great sweet spicy flavour, and if your feeling brave just ask for MUCHO MAS (Much more!). Our sweet chilli salsa combines smoky chipotle chilli flavours with lime & free-trade brown sugar to give that great flavour.

We want you to decide what goes in your food, so you get to choose exactly what you want from a
long, loooonnng list of great fresh ingredients. It can be as healthy or as guilty as you want it. And if you want a little more of something, just ask.

Photo by larrybob – used under creative commons license.