Did we mention we make all our sauces? The Habanero Sauces!

We hand make all our sauces and salsas in the habanero kitchen. By controlling this process we can guarantee the quality, balance and flavours of our food. The signature sauce is our world famous (almost!!) Habanero Hot Sauce. Made with a selection of habanero chillies spices and fruit it offers the perfect balance of heat and sweet. We also have the xxx version (not for the faint hearted) which is available on request.

We will be selling our Habanero Hot Sauce in a few select locations alternatively come and pick up a bottle from us on Temple Row Birmingham.

Habanero Sause

Our sauces
Chilli Lime Mayo – Mild – Mild Heat
Chipotle BBQ sauce – Mild – Mild Heat
Sweet chilli Sauce – Medium – Medium Heat
Habanero Hot Sauce – Hot – Hot
Habanero XXX. – Mental – Very Hot

Chilli FactsHabanero Sauce
Wilbur Scoville came up with a way to measure the heat of chilli peppers in the most straightforward way you could imagine. He ground up chills, diluted different quantities of the powder in sugar water, fed the dilutions to people, and tested their reactions. Wouldn’t you have liked to be there for that …

Capsaicin in pure form is so potent that Scoville had to break out the zeroes; one part capsaicin per million rates 15 Scoville units. Once he had that starting point, Scoville wrote up a 1-10 scale of capsaicin concentrations, in multiples of one hundred, starting at 0 and topping off at a blistering 350,000. That’s 35% capsaicin and 65% sugar water. Some milk over here, please!

The Red Savina variety of Habanero is the current confirmed record-holder 2 at 577,000. Don’t touch your eyes after chopping one of these babies. Better yet, don’t touch anything!